I.T. Services

StormND Simple IT specializes in providing continuous support to your business and IT devices with our Simple Tech Agreement. When you sign up for a Simple Tech Agreement with us, you get:

  • Our remote agent on all PC computers which will allow remote access from our team to monitor, diagnose, and notify you of your system’s health and issues

  • Malwarebytes Antivirus installed on all PCs
  • Backup solutions for individual computers and/or servers (Optional)
  • Discounted hourly rate on all non-project related work

  • Organized documentation profile of all your IT related information

  • Expedited scheduling and urgent requests above non-Simple Tech clients

  • Waiver of StormND’s travel charges


This is a shortened list of services we have provided to our clients in the past:

*Travel may be required. Our travel fee is outlined in the Terms of Service (TOS).

For simplicity’s sake, we are not able to list all of our I.T. Services that we are capable of offering. If you have any questions regarding a service, or have specific questions about cost, please fill out our form and we will answer your questions promptly!

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