Other Services and Bundles

We provide specific services and bundles alongside packages for popular items that our clients request and that we specialize in.  If you are interested in one of our other subscriptions or services, please click one of the links below!

Move-In Bundle

  • This bundle was created with the thought of what a new homeowner may need in terms of services and bundles, or as a gift to a new homeowner; our Move-In Bundle includes necessary services related to moving into a home. Every home is packed with devices that need to be set up by someone! Let us help you.

Realtor Subscription Package

  • Our Realtor Subscription Package includes the most common services that a Realtor may need to continue smooth operations regarding your I.T. needs.

Smart Home Services

  • Our team specialize in installing and configure automatic lighting system to be controlled either by your voice, or your phone! We can even set up smart heating. Click the link above to learn more about this solution for your house!

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