The Importance of Using Malwarebytes with Windows Security

The Importance of Using Malwarebytes with Windows Security

Today, viruses are meticulously and rather cleverly designed. Some are even made to change shape in order to make their way past typical Antivirus software. In the last few years, Windows Security has become a competitor as one of the top Antivirus suites out there.

Windows Security

Windows Security, or “Microsoft Security Essentials” as it used to be called, is the free Antivirus software that comes standard on every Windows device. It has a few necessary functions that can be quite useful:

In many independent tests, Windows Security performed well to cover the basics and is a very good option for your computer. That being said, sometimes it isn’t enough on its own. No Antivirus software is 100% secure. Every Antivirus is susceptible to zero-day attacks, which is why you want to use Malwarebytes in conjunction with Windows Security to try and fill those gaps.


Let’s talk about why it works so well with Windows Security.

Running both Malwarebytes and Windows Security allows you to take advantage of the strengths of both programs.

Our Recommendation

Under most circumstances, you should never have more than one full Antivirus program running on your computer. Having multiple antivirus programs running on your system can create conflicts, and will ultimately slow down your computer. Using a combination of both Windows Security and a program that was designed to run alongside another antivirus software like Malwarebytes is your best bet at avoiding malware on your computers.

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